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Len Horowitz - A History of US Biological Warfare Research
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This video clip from the Len Horowitz film ”In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism” shows the claims of a government sponsored propaganda documentary giving misleading and dishonest information about the United States Government’s involvement in bioterrorism research, and compares it to the reality of the situation by explaining the genuine history of bioterrorism research programs and showing how that research has led to the creation of such diseases as AIDS.

First discussed is how wealthy industrialists such as the Rockefeller and Carnegie families monopolized public health by the early 1930’s, by exercising their exclusive control over medical education and quashing all medical competition in the natural healing arts and sciences, through funding only students, faculty, and academic institutions that exclusively emphasized the most profitable approaches to health care.

A number of past cases of the United States Government performing biological experiments on the population is explained, such as with the Tuskegee Syphilis study which infected 400 black men with the deadly Syphilis bacteria between 1932 and 1972, and the Rockefeller Institute’s 1932 Puerto Rican cancer experiment, where at least 13 innocent people were killed by being injected with experimental cancer viruses. Also discussed is Merck Pharmaceuticals recent recall of Vioxx, which harmed millions of people worldwide prior to the company pulling it from the market.

The Fort Detrick center in Fredrick, Maryland is described, which is a large sophisticated biological warfare testing center, which in 1969 employed 300 scientists, including 240 microbiologists, 40 of whom had PHD’s. Also employed were 250 other specialists ranging from plant pathology to mathematical statistics, and between 700-1000 supporting staff, occupying 1,230 acres of federally owned land, upon which 450 structures were maintained. The facility also produced tens of thousands of animals annually for testing purposes, including 4,000 monkeys, and it also had a large corral area for horses, cows, and sheep. This operation was responsible for weaponizing thousands of bio-terrorizing cancer viruses, as well as many types of germs being cloned, mutated, and mass-produced for the pharmaceutical industry.

The video explains how in the 1950’s, the first Polio vaccines were produced in contaminated money kidney tissues containing cancer viruses, and were being tested and injected into millions of people worldwide. The Cancer virus was later identified as SV40, which was determined to cause Cancer in nearly every species it was injected. After scientists and industrialists realized that these vaccines were producing epidemics of Cancer, officials in the National Cancer Institute started a Special Virus Cancer program in 1962, called the SVCP. The SVCP then created hundreds of deadly Cancer viruses until 1971, including Leukemia viruses, Lymphoma viruses, and ”Kuru” a variation of which is better known as ”Mad Cow Disease.”

Richard Nixon promised the public in 1969 that the United States would close down it’s production of biological warfare agents and destroy all of the biological weapons that it had produced, but in fact it was only a political ploy and nothing had changed except for the public’s perception of the operations, through the labeling of the operations being changed from ”offensive” to ”defensive,” and funding for the research was actually then increased. Also, Fort Detrick was made the new home of the National Cancer Institute.

Once the labeling of the operations was changed, the focus of the research shifted to a new field called ”Retrovirology,” that included the production of AIDS-like and Ebola-like immune system destroyers, 15 years before the supposed discovery of AIDS by Dr. Robert Gallo, who previously oversaw the Army’s sixth leading biological weapons contractor ”Litton Bionetics” at that time. Litton Bionetics operated the entire administration of the National Cancer Institute’s programs at Fort Detrick, and the private company was a medical subsidiary of the very large military weapons contractor company called ”Litton Industries.”

A confrontation of Dr. Robert Gallo by Dr. Len Horowitz is shown at the 11th International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver in 1997, where Horowitz presents the findings of his research to Mr. Gallo. Horowitz asks Mr. Gallo if he was concerned that his experiments may have given rise to the spread of the AIDS virus through contaminated Hepatitis-B vaccines which were cultivated in AIDS infected monkeys shipped by Litton Industries to Merck’s vaccine division in New York. Sitting to the right of Robert Gallo at the press conference was Dr. Jonathan Mann, who at the time was at the AIDS Czar for the World Health Organization. Not long after he witnessed Mr. Horowitz’s exchange with Mr. Gallo, he quit his position saying ”Far more than a medical problem, AIDS is a socio-political imposition.”

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