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The Obama Deception - Clip: Surprising Dishonesties of the Obama Administration
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Alex Jones has released the documentary ”The Obama Deception” on DVD, detailing many inconsistencies between Barack Obama's media manufactured public persona and the true agendas of his administration as being controlled by Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Globalist Elite interests. The film explains specifically how the administration is continuing long-term globalist objectives of intentionally imploding the American economy for the purpose of empowering a dictatorial world government, among many other issues.

The film includes commentary from author and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley, economist and author George Humphrey, hip hop artists Professor Griff of Public Enemy and KRS-One, and many others.

Explained in the video clip are globalist organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), being powerful organizations that have been working together during the past century to incrementally seize control of the centers of power on the global level— including political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical.

Also explained is the seemingly endless list of dishonest campaign promises made by Barack Obama and how he set about aggressively breaking those promises on the first day of his Administration. The broken promises fit into a big picture of satisfying long term globalist agendas such as imploding the American economy for the purpose of empowering a dictatorial world government.

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Following is a full transcript of the information presented in this video clip:

Founding member of Rap Sensation Public Enemy Professor Griff gave us his view of the Obama Phenomenon:Barack Obama has been given a pass by the blue bloods, he's been given the OK by certain secret societies for them to let him in. I truly believe imperialism and fascism needs a facelift. And the facelift is going to have to be black. The reason I believe that is simply because I think they want to go into Africa— they are already in Africa. They want to control all the natural minerals, they need to carry themselves into the 21st, 22nd, 23rd centuries. They have to go through a phase of galvanizing the dark skinned people that truly believe that change needs to come, but the change that is being talked about is not necessarily change for the better as far as for the masses of the people. It is probably a better change for them. It is not going to be change for us— the little man on the totem pole.

...And no one looks at the agenda. As long as he positions himself right, has the right tie on, has the right smile, repeats the slogans over and over and drives it home, the average American is going to swallow it hook, line, and sinker. And we don't even know what the agenda is.

Writing in his 1964 book ”With no Apologies,” Senator Barry Goldwater said:

”The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.”

The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. What the Trilateral Commission intends is to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the Nation States involved. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future.

Bilderberg issues executive decisions and prime directives to its sub-directors for implementation. The Trilateral Commission takes the Bilderberg agenda and executes it through regional roundtable groups throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The Council on Foreign Relations serves as the managing roundtable group in the United States sector. The Council on Foreign Relations has dominated every Administration since the days of FDR.

Webster Tarpley, author and historian: ”The way they make policy and rule is that they are a poly-centric oligarchical system. You have to be a finance oligarch. Remember this is not a society ruled by generals, not be priests, not be demagogues— none of those, but by bankers. Bankers rule, bankers set up these institutions such as the Royal Institute for international affairs, Chattam House, and the Milner Roundtable right up to the period of the Molan War, so even before WWI you have the British setting up these roundtables, institutes, with publications, conferences, and this is how they make policy.”

Upon Obama's inauguration, members of the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and the CFR flooded into every position of power in the executive branch, replacing Trilateral Commission and CFR members who previously filled the positions during the Bush Administration.

Webster Tarpley: ”When you look and the US ruling class, you would have to say they are really a pathetic bunch of failures and bunglers. They are a miserable excuse for a ruling class, and that's one of the big problems we have. We go from Clinton to Bush to Obama, what stays the same are the ruling elite that give these puppets the orders that they act on. And these orders are 'wrong headed' lets say, to say the least. They are basically bankrupt, they are going to lead to the collapse of this civilization. What they are doing is that they are using the existence of the United States as a formerly powerful nation state to act out their Wall Street fantasies of world domination and maintaining their capitol structures and maintaining their system of looting, and this can't be done. And so the basic question is— they've hijacked this country and you've got to take it back from them, you've got to drive Wall Street out of Government, and after that you have a reasonable chance of getting back to prosperity and some sort of peace and order in international affairs.”

George Humphrey, economist and author:They have created a power elite— we are not talking about your millionaire down the street. You can't even be a member of their club unless you are a multi-billionaire. And friends this is not about 'rich vs poor', this is about a very small handful of the worst criminal element on this planet, manipulating and destroying the good people of this nation and this world.

Gerald Clemente, future trends forecaster: ”Now this Obama with 'change'— look at the people he's put in to 'mastermind' the economic recovery. Larry Summers— I love it.. Every time they talk about Larry Summers, he's always 'brilliant', he's another 'brilliant' one.. he's the one that helped dismantle the Glass-Stegall Act.. the banking act that was put in place in the 1930's, so the banks couldn't become the banksters that they have become.”

Webster Tarpley: ”In the 1990s, you have the beginning of the 'derivatives bubble', thanks to people like Alan Greenspan, Rubin Summers— people who are now back in the Obama administration. And the derivatives I think are the centerpiece of this entire problem today.”

Gerald Clemente: ”These are the same people.. 'Geitner' of the Treasury Department.. imagine that, we now have a US Treasury Secretary who also is a Robert Rubin Protogee of the Larry Summers Group, that dismantled Glass-Stegall and broke apart the regulations that would have prohibited the banks and brokerages from becoming these criminals.. He was the former President of the New York Federal Reserve?.. and now he's our Treasury Secretary?.. As we all know, the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express, it's a private bank. And now we've put this guy in charge of it? Wall Street has hijacked Washington in broad daylight.

George Humphrey:Every single one of his appointments support the status quo, every single one of his appointments are there to screw the American People, every single one of his appointments are people who are working to bring down the Republic and the Constitution of this country.

Alex Jones:”Even if Barack Obama was the most wonderful person in the world, he was groomed and brought to power by the global elite to carry out their agenda. Humanity must look past their agenda and realize that presidents come and go, but the shadow government and their program of global enslavement continues.”

Gerald Clemente: ”How could people be so stupid and gullible to believe a bunch of political people?”

Webster Tarpley:So people who voted for Obama were trying to express first of all something worthwhile.. their hatred for Bush, Cheney, the Neocons, the desire to punish the Republicans for their adventures, their police state, and their economic depression. The second question was one the economy, people thought that Bush was selling them down the river in a world depression— he was the new ”Herbert Hoover” in the regard so they were trying to get something different from that. The tragedy of course is— and this is why Obama was groomed and prepared over a period of almost thirty years now, that Obama is there to frustrate and to deceive all of those hopes. Obama is a cruel hoax, he's a bogus sham, he's in absolute denial of everything you would expect from an American President.”

Alex Jones:It is very disturbing to see well-meaning people falling for high-tech propaganda, over and over again. It happened after 9/11, the American people en mass where swept into a mob psychology, irrationally throwing common sense to the wind, and doing whatever the administration told them to. The general public eventually caught on to the fact that George W. Bush was a deceitful thug, and the economy was in free fall. In the midst of it all, Barack Obama was there, speaking out about the abuse of the people at the hands of the establishment. With the election of Barack Obama, the world rejoiced that the United States was no longer in the hands of madmen, but unfortunately for humanity, this was another vicious fraud.”

George Humphrey: ”I want to like the guy, he speaks gently, he's intelligent, he seems to be a man of peace, he is just as charismatic as they come. But you know what? A tree is really measured by the quality of its fruit, and when you put away all the flowery words, you put away all the rock and roll music, what he does is important for the people of this country, starting with the truth.”

Webster Tarpley:Obama is notoriously a liar. He promised that he would get out of Iraq— I think within sixteen months at some point, and we had Nancy Power telling the 'Scotsman' [ newspaper ] that he wouldn't be bound by those promises, and sure enough, he is not going to be bound by those promises.

Alex Jones: ”Obama pledged in hundreds of speeches and interviews that he was going to bring our troops home from Iraq, but after he was inaugurated, the story changed. Now he said that he would 'look' at bringing 'some' of the troops home in sixteen months. Two weeks later his story had changed again. Now the administration would 'look' at bringing the troops back in 23 months.”

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota: ”Now Obama is already fudging, he's fudged since day one in this election, where he first said we are getting out, and now it's a 'timetable', etc.. They are understanding the he isn't going to be able to get him out because people more powerful than him got us in.”

Gerald Clemente:When he first ran remember he was going to take the troops out— 'I get in there, the troops come home, day one.' And then that went to sixteen months, and now he is going to add another thirty thousand or more troops to Afghanistan.

Alex Jones:Next he sent thirty thousand more marines to Afghanistan, doubling the total number of forces in the cross-hairs. Barack then announced that he was going to move missile systems into Eastern Europe, to encircle Russia. But after all, what should be expect, after he Kept Bush's Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Webster Tarpley:The outcome of this policy is if you are constantly meddling near the Russian border, with these fascist creeps- IMF NATO Agents like Yushchenko of Ukraine, Yushako of Georgia, or these Kuchinsky twins of Poland and various collections of people in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia— you are then tied to these gangsters, and if they decide to start a war, that rapidly escalates into thermonuclear world war III— This is worse than the Neocons— Bush and Cheney never got this far as Zbigniew, Soros, and the other people Running Obama.

Alex Jones:Barack Obama swore that he would repeal the Patriot Act, but then he voted for its reauthorization. Obama Decried the Bush Administration's illegal warrantless wiretapping of the American People, then he voted to legalize it.

Webster Tarpley:Obama pledged that he would filibuster any attempt to give retroactive immunity to the telephone companies, the telecom companies— except he then turned around and voted for that bill.

Gerald Clemente:Most people don't know, he example, that he voted to reinstate the Patriot Act, for more government wiretapping..

Alex Jones:Candidate Obama told desperate factory workers in speech after speech that he was going to re-negotiate NAFTA and GATT to make it more fair for American Workers, but then his campaign was caught sending memos to the top corporate leaders telling them not to worry, and that is was just 'campaign rhetoric'.

Webster Tarpley:We had Obama saying 'you know, I'm against free trade, I don't like NAFTA and all those free trade sellouts, [ but then ] we had Austin Goolsbee going to the Canadian Diplomats saying 'don't mind him, he's just popping off, it's just election-era rhetoric, it doesn't mean anything.'

George Humphrey:He said that he was going to bring us peace in the Middle East, he said that he was going to bring transparency and a balanced economy, he said that he was going to not have lobbyists, he said he was going to clean up government, he said he was going to work for the environment— and point, by point, by point within the first month of his inauguration he has lied, deceived, and cheated the American People.

Alex Jones: ”The people of the United States and the world were filled with hope that Obama was the real deal. Within his first week in office he signed an executive order supposedly closing Guantanamo Bay and other secret prisons. Then the press actually had a chance to read the executive order, and were shocked to find that the executive order only said that Obama was thinking about closing Guantanamo in a year. But worst of all, the executive order continued the practice of rendition, which the LA Times called 'secret abductions.'”

Gerald Clemente:They don't know, they think that he's signed off immediately on closing Guantanamo, but he is allowing prisoners to be taken to foreign countries, we are not knowing where we are sending them— and to be tortured in foreign countries. They don't know that they kept that provision in there.

Alex Jones:Obama is now continuing the practice of secret arrests, secret prisons, and most importantly, detention without trial. When a British high court said that it was preparing to release secret British and US torture orders that prove that the Bush Administration was ordering personnel to systematically abuse detainees, Barack Obama threatened to cut off all US intelligence ties to england. To add insult to injury, he stated that the program was important to National Security— not only protecting Bush's crimes, but continuing them.

Gerald Clemente:Obama voted for the reinstatement of the Patriot Act, and by his early deeds there again, he is willing to send people that have been charged with nothing to be tortured to get the truth out.

Alex Jones:Barack and his handlers made the cornerstone of his campaign keeping lobbyists and donors out of his administration. Within hours of being elected, Obama did a 180 [ degree turn ], and filled the lobbyists and Federal Government with lobbyists and donors at all levels. Obama picked William Lynn, the top lobbyist of Raytheon, the number two position at the department of defense. Timothy Geitner, former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was picked by Obama to be secretary of the Treasury. Geitner Promptly crammed the Treasury Department full of lobbyists like his chief of staff Mark Paterson, formerly the top lobbyists at Goldman Sacs. Obama appointed top lobbyists to the Saudi Royal Family. George Mitchell as the lead Middle Eastern Envoy. Obama appointed the King of Wall Street Lobbyists— Leon Panetta to head up the CIA. Obama tapped Tom Dachel— top lobbyist for health care firms, to run the department for Health and Human Services, and the list goes on and on..

Then, three weeks into his administration, Obama launched a new lie, more outrageous than the previous. With Academy Award conviction, he said that he was upset about the banker bailout, which his own Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel— another former Wall Street executive— had engineered. Obama said that he had signed an executive order capping the CEO's salaries of those who had taken the bailout money. There was just two problems— all the major brokerage firms were exempt, and the new order only dealt with any future bailouts— and those were to be on the 'honor' system.

Webster Tarpley:Generally speaking, this is already the biggest liar and the biggest disappointment that we have seen in recent history— qualitatively beyond the rather low standards set by Bush the Elder and Clinton in terms of delivering on promises.

Alex Jones:Bottom line: Obama is a fantastic actor, and an even better liar. His track record is clear— he has done the opposite of everything he told the people he would do.

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