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Hip hop artist KRS-One speaking in Austin, Texas, January 2, 2009
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Following is a description and partial transcript from a video made by documentary filmmaker and radio host Alex Jones, interviewing hip hop artist KRS-One after a January 2, 2009 performance in Austin, Texas:

Hip hop artist KRS-One asks the crowd during a performance in Austin, Texas: ”The President just got in, but in four year will we still like him? .. Americans: you are in the process of globalization, you are in the process of a New World Order..”

After the performance, KRS-One speaks about how he can feel the emotion of having an African American in office and is happy that the racial barrier of having a black man in the White House has been lifted, but stresses the importance that individuals don't get caught up in emotional politics based solely on race.

”America has broken its own rules, has broken its own laws.. it's time for the citizenry of the United States to actually follow its own laws.. If we stayed steadfast to the Constitution at least— we won't be hit so hard with that 'global' agenda ..”

”.. If you think [globalist elite individuals] controlled the world [under the Bush Administration], what makes you think they don't control it now?”

KRS compares the system of American government to the configuration of a fast food franchise where it is only possible to speak with the manager but not the franchise owners. He compares the little known Globalist Elite individuals who are in the process of consolidating the world's wealth and power to those franchise owners.

”Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.. I don't want to be the German in Nazi Germany watching people go off in droves— and because you have a comfortable house, because you got a Mercedes Benz and are eating every day— it doesn't matter.”

KRS speaks about the importance of citizens deciding to go along with laws or not, and issues of liberty and freedom.

”History repeats itself, and every time it does, it goes up a little bit..”

”My main message is to stop the violence.. peace is a revolutionary strategy.. Violence in society is not caused by the people, it is caused by neglect of leadership..”

[Speaking about the BART shooting incident] ”... The only thing police should be doing is keeping the peace, and they do not. The police are supposed to be the epitome of morality— our children are supposed to look at a police officer and see an example of what a citizen is. So if our children do not even respect the police, how are they going to respect the law?”

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Video: Hip hop artist KRS-One speaking in Austin, Texas, January 2, 2009
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