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Endgame Part 2 - How the Bilderberg Group is Secretly Merging the North American Continent
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This video clip from the Alex Jones film ”Endgame” explains specifically how the Bilderberg Group has been using stealth for strategically paving the way toward full consolidation of the North American countries, for merging the populations, monetary systems, militaries, and highways of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Following is a written transcript from the video:

For over 50 years, the Bilderberg group constructed the European Union by stealth, under the guise of trade deals. Now the Elite are using the same secretive approach to complete the North American Union (NAU)— but this time, superstate integration is on the extreme fast track. International agreements like NAFTA, GATT and APEC are just stepping stones in the formation of the NAU.

The North American Union was officially born at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, on March 23, 2005. The leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico told the press that they were only meeting to discus trade. It soon leaked that a secret meting had been held during the Security and Prosperity Trilateral summit. The three governments had refused to release the secretive deal to the public. In September 2006, their operation was exposed. From September 12 to September 14 in Banff, Canada, hundreds of elected and appointed government leaders from Canada, Mexico, and the United States met in secret. On the last day of the conference, someone inside the forum leaked the agenda, and the front pages of newspapers across Canada carried the story. The Judicial Watch Foundation submitted freedom of information act requests to obtain the full agenda and minutes of the secret assembly. Many federal agencies refused, citing national security. The foundation finally succeeded, and did receive thousands of documents which are the blueprints of a shadow government ruling by bureaucratic and executive fiat. The pages chronicle an already operating North American Union— transportation, law enforcement, agriculture, regulation, banking, manufacturing, construction, education, immigration, and the military— are being merged, with no input from the people, or their elected representatives in congress and parliament. One of the first items on their agenda is to stress how important it is that their plan be ”carried out by stealth.” The controllers also talked about exploiting the public's fear about climate change to push a continent-wide tax to fund the new government.

”Globalist Tool” Robert Pastor tried to push the idea of a continent-wide security perimeter for protecting the North American Continent rather than at the borders.

For the past decade the Pentagon has been training with Canadian and Mexican forces, and has openly discussed using them inside the United States for disasters and to quell domestic unrest.

There are already 100,000 non-us citizens serving in the US armed forces. The Pentagon is now expanding its recruiting centers in Mexico, the Philippines, and Eastern Europe. Big city police departments nationwide are lobbying to change laws so they can recruit non-citizens to join their police force. What we are witnessing is a red dawn scenario in slow motion. Tyrants throughout history have brought in foreigners to oppress their domestic populations.

On April 30, 2007 a summit was held at the White House. The Security and Prosperity Partnership's secretive approach had alarmed the public, so this time President Bush, German Chancellor Merkle, and EU commission president Moruso hid their treachery in plain sight.

The BBC reported that the US and the EU had agreed on a ”single market”, repeating what had been done in America and the EU in a larger scale. The report states that the two blocks will push for regulatory convergence in more than 35 areas, from financial services, intellectual property, military, education, mergers and acquisitions, and they also agreed to jointly push a global carbon tax.

The African Union arose out of the African economic community set up in the early 1980's. The African Union is financed by a group of international bodies, governments and corporations. The african army serves as an enforcement arm for the New World Order's exploitation of Africa.

In Asia, APEC and Asian have announced plans to form an Asian Union consisting of Asian and Pacific nations.

As the unions are formed individually and they are simultaneously merged to form the first planetary government.

Daniel Estulin: ”They are trying to destroy every nation on Earth in the name of promoting process, because you see these people are land owners, they don't need progress because they control the land. They are trying to bring the masses back to the 'middle ages' in a post-industrial age world order.”

Michael Coffman: ”One of the things that is very shocking is that the United Nations Global Diversity Assessment which came out in 1985 clearly states that to protect planet Earth we have to go back to a feudal system— they actually said that in the document.”

To craft a modern feudal society, the globalists are crafting modern standardized North American Union ID cards, to track, trace, and control their surfs as they travel throughout the NAU.

Building on the massive displacement of humanity caused by globalization, the New World Order is rapidly constructing the physical infrastructure of the North American Union— the NAFTA superhighway control grid.

The proposed Trans-Texas corridor would be a patchwork of superhighways and railroads stretching 4,000 miles from the border of Mexico, with a private Spanish company winning the bid to collect the tolls for the next 50 years. These deals with private companies are being negotiated largely in secret.

The roads are instrumental in tearing down borders and merging nation states into larger Federations. Foreign Government and private corporations are seizing infrastructure across North America. In Texas over 8,000 miles of existing roads and land is being handed over to government-backed foreign companies. Foreign companies purchase influence of legislators who then turn over complete control to the same foreigners who finance their campaigns. Government power is then illegally transferred to unelected quasi-governmental regional boards, who circumvent local governments and the will of the people.

More than 80 state and federal highways have been designated as international arteries. The I-35 NAFTA corridor starts deep inside Mexico, travels through the middle of the United States, and ends in central Canada. Container ships from Asia dump their cargo in the Pacific side of Mexico it then travels duty-free by rail to the new Kansas city inland port, now considered sovereign soil of mexico, in the heart of the United States.

Under international agreements, foreign companies are placing tolls on already existing paid for roads. Federal, state, and corporate documents show that they will then use the revenue raised to build up the transportation infrastructure of Mexico— not the United States or Canada, so that Foreign made products can pour in even faster from Mexico. Revenues raised will also be used to fund the fledgling North American Union, and its growing bureaucracy. The bottom line is that they are using our own money to enslave us.

Gina Parker Ford - Chairman for Judicial Reform, National Eagle Forum: ”First of all, they are proposing a North American Tribunal, which would be similar to what we have in chapter 11 in the NAFTA agreement, which is trumped by International law. The US Supreme court and the US Constitution could potentially be rendered invalid, and what we would have is the North American business law that would trump what we have here in the United States.”

In 2005, ”Centra,” a Spanish owned company, signed a secret agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation to erect toll roads on existing roads, and to toll new roads there were completely paid for by tax dollars.

TexDOT— an unelected state agency, claimed that the agreement with the foreign company was even secret from the Texas legislature. When the truth come out, Centra's response was to have its Australian subsidiary make its first newspaper buy. Every newspaper they bought was along branches of the trans-texas corridor, and had been critical of the toll road plan. The cost of 40 or 50 newspapers is nothing compared to the profits that will be made. Just phase one of a state toll road plan is enough to raise 200 billion dollars in just the first fifteen years, and Texas is only a small part of the global panorama. A columbine of trans-national companies is aggressively consolidating public financed infrastructure worldwide, and the same interests are erecting a world government according to their rules, a literal wonderland of corporate corruption, where governments simply act as vacuum cleaners, sucking up the wealth and resources of the middle class, and transferring it to off-shore bank accounts, leaving behind a cultural and economic wasteland of easily managed slaves.

RFID Chips embedded in state inspection stickers are already used to track the population. The new system is meant to control growth and steer development by so-called ”smart growth”.

Michael Coffman: ”'Smart growth' is nothing more than an effort to bring control into the cities.. You have the rewinding of American and the wildlands project in the convention on biological diversity which is to control our rural population.”

Toll roads on interstate highways nationwide are walling off exit ramps to small towns and rural communities, and are creating ghost towns by design. This trend is accelerating under the NAFTA highway system, and is meant to re-wild more than half of the country.

Michael Coffman: ”All of these things are designed to bring more and more control to bureaucracies than to the independent individual of this nation. What brought me into this discussion is the fact that while I was doing this multimillion dollar research effort in the 1980's and the early 1990's, I became aware of an agenda to lock up essentially one half of the United States into wilderness corridors and reserves, what is called the ”Wildlands Project” which is also a key cornerstone of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. It was during that study in which I began to realize that this was not an effort to protect the environment, but an effort to control you and I. They were dividing the United States up into little compartments in which they would rip out whole roads and communities to put them back into the wilderness.”

The federal highway system was designed by Pentagon war planners in the 1950's to serve as a rapid conduit, to move ground forces for the Defense of the United States During invasion. The unconstitutional ”Northern Command” is now using the highway system as a ”forced projection matrix” to dominate populations across the United States. Through federally funded emergency command centers, county and city governments are being quietly federalized nationwide.

Billions of dollars per city is being spent to install millions of surveillance cameras— every town and hamlet, no matter how small— is surveilled. License plate reading software tracks Americans wherever they go. New systems are being employed to read your lips, scan your face, and analyze your walk.

Under the treasonous military commissions act of 2006, american citizens can be secretly arrested, stripped of their, citizenship, flown to offshore torture camps and secretly executed.

Under section 802 of the Patriot Act, all misdemeanors are considered terrorism. Federal police squads called ”Viper Teams” randomly force Americans to line up and show their papers, from the sidewalks of Miami, to the subways of New York, to the streets of Houston, Texas, citizens are being searched by heavily armed gangs of paramilitary police.

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Video: Endgame Part 2 - How the Bilderberg Group is Secretly Merging the North American Continent
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