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Alex Jones Discusses Issues with the Copenhagen Convention on Climate Change Treaty, December 8, 2009

Many questions exist about the Copenhagen Convention on Climate Change Treaty
Many questions exist about the Copenhagen Convention on Climate Change Treaty

recorded December 8, 2009, running time 17 minutes 30 seconds

Radio host Alex Jones speaks about issues with the 2009 Copenhagen Convention on Climate Change Treaty, explaining that the Treaty’s purpose is to deceptively empower an unelected global government which is controlled by private banks. It is explained that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have been exploiting third world countries in the past and will continue their exploitation under the new treaties despite those countries being promised otherwise. Also discussed are common examples of propaganda which help to explain attitudes in the scientific community as well as how environmental issues are being used to forward ulterior motives.

It is explained how a Danish policy document has been leaked which shows that promises made to third world nations are being planned to be drastically scaled back in favor of distributing more power to wealthier nations. Also, despite the international banks having so far taken $23.7 Trillion from the United States, and $50 Trillion worldwide, the real goal of the banks is to build authority and power through a world government as detailed in many documents in the past.

Alex Jones speaks about how plans for a world government being set up are similar to ”the opposite of the Declaration of Independence,” due to the fact that the founders of the ”global tyranny” are unelected and dictatorial in nature. Also mentioned is how globalist organizations and individuals have denied having strategies of founding global government in the past while they have been in the process of setting it up behind the scenes.

The writer and politician Gore Vidal had done an interview for Playboy magazine in the past calling for forced population reduction, one child policies and a ”global authority,” similar to strategies called for in a book written by Obama Science Czar John Holder in the 1970’s entitled Ecoscience.

Excerpts from a ”propaganda piece” from a TED conference is played, and it is explained that most individuals involved in such conferences do actually believe that global warming is a pressing problem that should be dealt with using the legislation and treaties that are being proposed. It is described how many scientists involved in studying global warming issues are selected due to their willingness to ”play along” with deceptive strategies, and many who actually do understand that they are taking part in deception are led to believe that they are doing so for a ”good cause.”

Another propaganda piece is played which claims that license plate tracking camera systems are being implemented in order to alleviate traffic congestion which is to help the environment, and it is explained that the systems are actually being developed to track and trace individuals on highways. In the United States all of the major highways are being planned to be converted into toll roads which will have revenue be paid to a private Spanish Company ”Centra” under the NAFTA Superhighway system. (Also see Endgame Part 2 - How the Bilderberg Group is Secretly Merging the North American Continent, and Refutation of Claims of the Trans-Texas Corridor Project Being Cancelled.)

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Audio: Alex Jones Discusses Issues with the Copenhagen Convention on Climate Change Treaty, December 8, 2009
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